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Austin Keeps It Weird with New BCycle Product

by Ryan Callahan | Apr 01, 2015

Waterloo, Wisconsin – April 1, 2015 –
 As the dust settles over Austin with SXSW 2015 in the books, Austin prepares for the 2016 installation of its famous multimedia festival and exhibition.

Brian Conger, Director of Operations at BCycle, was pleased to announce the launch of a new product to the bike line, BUniCycle, to satisfy the increased demand placed on bike-share systems during events like SXSW.bunicycle-small

“Austin BCycle set a system record during the festivals with more than 3,000 rides in one day and with the average bike being checkout 57 times,” says Conger. “With people from all over the world flocking to Austin for this festival, we are running out of places to locate bikes on the ground.”

Eric Bybee, Product Design Engineer at BCycle, points out the merits of the BUnis. He said, “Along with the 75 percent reduction in weight, increased handling and minimal footprint, BUnis DirectToWheelTM drive technology also has 126 fewer parts. Fewer parts means less maintenance and lower costs, resulting in more BUnis on the street.”

The excitement is not only coming from BCycle. Jess Braun, an Austin resident and avid BCycle user exclaimed, “We have seen a huge reduction in car traffic since BCycle came to town. Typically five BCycles can fit into the space that only one car could occupy, but with the crowds we see during SXSW, we need even more! 15 BUnis can fit into that same space? I am sold!”

Conger sums up the project by stating, “Bicycles are a simple solution to a complex problem. BUnis are an even simpler solution. It’s a no brainer.”

Oh, and, Happy April Fools’ Day!

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