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  • Mai | Oct 26 2:35 AM

    Many people smilpy do not have the spare cash to travel anywhere right now. If our side had the support of someone (or someones) with money (like the Koch brothers help the tea partiers, paying for buses, meals, beds, signs, printed out talking points even, etc.,) I bet we could make a statement that would dwarf theirs. I would bring a vanload of people to meet a bus traveling along I-70 that would take us to DC to help show our solidarity .if I had the money or someone who would provide the monetary support to make that possible. WalMart lets people park in their lots for extended periods. Those would make terrific meeting places. Hey, I can have a dream too .right?

  • Paster | Oct 26 1:19 AM

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  • Johnelle | Oct 26 12:30 AM

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  • Aldi | Oct 24 12:21 AM

    ..."Until houses piercs drop to a realistic and acceptable level people won't feel like buying."------------------Until people feel secure that they will still have their job next month, they won't feel like buying, either.-Mammoth

  • Selin | Oct 24 12:20 AM

    Mindy, that is utterly fatiastnc. I agree; Anne Hathaway all the way!(Also, 'bout that deleted comment that looked like the one above? I was just talking to my friend *Mandy* and yeah, that's what I call a loltypo.)

  • Jesus | Oct 23 10:03 PM

    Will someone psalee get back with me on how to start a website for another person who is very dear to me that has been diagnosed with cancer. I would really appreciate the information. Hope and pray for Madison each and every day. Love and prayers.

  • Anitha | Oct 23 9:09 PM

    It was brought to our atteitnon that we had left off half of the Sheriff's Office employees and half of the county employees from today's salary list. The other salaries will be in the newspaper next Wednesday. We appreciate the two county employees who pointed our error out to us.

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