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  • Madalena | Oct 26 2:28 AM

    We can boycot any big ctiropaoron/business.Just stgop buyong from them give back to the little businesses. don`t buy at Walmart, Target, Sears, JCP, Macy.Go to the little corner stores or the small family ownstores. We can stop them as they have done nothing to help the people on main street let tgurn things back on them. We can do this. I know we all have to eat any clothe ourselves but we can find ways to break them as they have trfied to break us.We ca do this I wish I could be there we you all and I appreciate all that ypou all are doing for this movement. let`s work together and bring back the America we can be proud of.Get rid off the TP folks they are not helping one bit.United we Stand!!!!

  • Jerry | Oct 26 12:49 AM

    Great stuff, you hpleed me out so much!

  • Kaydence | Oct 25 10:54 PM

    Heck yeah bay-bee keep them cmnoig!

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  • Milly | Oct 23 9:51 PM

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has birgthened my day!

  • Saad | Oct 23 9:45 PM

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  • Kelis | Oct 23 9:40 PM

    We could've done with that iisnhgt early on.

  • Nudin | Oct 23 7:58 PM

    How could any of this be better stated? It cloudn't.