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We've Added Some Character(s)


At BCycle, we want our bike share experience to be convenient, user-friendly and fun. With these goals in mind, we've added some illustrations and content to our app and websites to help:

  1. Draw attention to things that may otherwise be missed

  2. Present important information in a way that is concise and memorable

  3. Inject some whimsy into otherwise mundane experiences (filling out forms)

Example of character illustration in mobile app

Illustrations & Sample Content

Here are the available illustrations and examples of content that could be used along side it.


1. Buy a membership
2. Short trips = no fees

Ride all day long at no extra cost when you dock the bike at any station within 30 minutes. Docking a bike resets the clock. See rates information for more details.

This way, everyone has access to bikes when they need them!

Suggested use: Use under the 'Join Now' form to remind riders how bike share works.


We have an app!

Use your phone to:

  • Check out bikes
  • Get directions to a BCycle or to any location via BCycle
  • See data about your BCycle trips
  • Update your account
app-store  Google Play

Suggested use: Use anywhere on your site to let people know about this easy way to use BCycle.


Instant bike checkouts with your BCycle RFID

Some membership lans come with an RFID card or key fob that allows you to check out bikes with a simple tap.  See the rates page for details.

Suggested use: On the 'How it Works" page or anywhere you want to tell people about the perks of membership


Use your membership nationwide with B-Connected

Over 25 cities in the US participate in the B-Connected program, allowing you to use your BCycle membership outside of the city you purchased it in at no extra charge. See B-Connected page for details.

Suggested use: Use anywhere on the site to let people know about this membership incentive.


Can't remember your username? Changed your email address?

No worries, you can still gain access to your account. Just contact customer service.

Suggested use: On the password reset page to help people find answers quickly.

bcycle dog

"My dog will chase anyone with a bike. I'm going to have to cancel his BCycle membership."

Suggested use: Anywhere, just for fun!

How to Add Some Character(s) to Your Site

  1. Open a page in Sitefinity. Pick an existing section to add content, or use the layout tab (upper right) to create a new section. The layout tab also will allow you to put the image and text in separate columns (as shown above).
  2. Add a new content block in your layout area. (You will need a content block for each column if you are using multiple columns).
  3. Copy and Paste! Return to this page in your browser, highlight the image or text you want, and copy it. In Sitefinity, click edit on the content block and paste in the new content.  

That's it! Edit the image or text however you'd like.


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