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by User Not Found | Mar, 2018

Chances are you don't need someone to give you an excuse to ride this year. But if you do, here are our top 5 reasons to get on a bike!


You can do it for the rest of your life

The health benefits of riding a bike are extensive, not to mention that riding a bike is low impact – it causes less strain on the body than other forms of exercise. Riding a bike means you can engage in low impact exercises to improve cardiovascular health and lose weight while making long-term efforts to care for your muscles and joints.

It’s something to look forward to and it gets you where you are going

Like the perfect cup of coffee, a commute by bike can get you energized and give you something to look forward to as you are starting your day. Riding home at the end of the day? A bike ride is an excellent way to shake out your legs from sitting or standing for extended periods of time. Bookending your work day with a ride means you will start and end your day on a good note.

Take advantage of the weather

Between breathing the fresh air, soaking up some vitamin D, and reducing stress, getting outside is good for you and what better way to experience it than by bike! It might be a short ride from A to B or an extended ride to explore your city, a bike ride on a lovely day allows you benefit from the weather in one of the best ways possible.

Explore and Connect!

Whether you are new to a city or a long-time resident, exploring your city by bike can help you connect with the community. Invite company! Exploring is an excellent way to connect with friends and family. Done right, a local weekend adventure can feel like a vacation since sometimes the best attractions are just under your nose. Your range of travel on a bike is farther than by foot plus it’s fun! Which brings us to the next point…

It’s FUN!

Remember that first ride after you ditched the training wheels? You felt the air in your face and the satisfaction that you were the motor that pushed your vehicle forward. This thrill was likely followed by a celebratory yell or the inevitable grin that crept across your face. You were having fun. Don’t forget the importance of fun in your life. It can turn ordinary activities into something you enjoy and it can make you happier for it.


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